Sunday, May 20, 2012

It Takes A Village

While I was writing, Let Your Feelings Show, I got a lot of input from my family. It’s so helpful to get feedback when you’re writing. Writing is a solitary endeavor and sometime you lose perspective. I was so focused on getting the text accurate, that I hadn’t been thinking much about the reader’s experience. When my son read my first draft, he gave me some invaluable advice. He advised using more examples, stories that kids could relate to immediately. So with his help, I began to develop short vignettes to demonstrate each of the emotions.

Then, my daughter, gave me another invaluable piece of advice. She suggested that I needed to include illustrations. She argued that illustrations would anchor the concepts and, of course, she was right. So Illustrations got added.

My husband was my heavy editor. He flagged the text when my language was too adult or not concise. He checked grammar and patiently listened to multiple revisions. Now, I definitely know why people have editors. I, luckily, had a talented and loving family. Not to mention, friends who’s wisdom and support keep me bolstered and made this book better.

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  1. Peggy! I can't wait to read your new book. The website looks amazing! Congrats!